Free Website Review

Do you have an old or outdated website that you’d like a second opinion on? Are you worried that your current website might not be performing as well as it should be? If so then you might be interested in my free website review service.

This is a free service and involves me looking at your website from 3 key angles, all of which in my opinion are equally important in your website’s success:

Search engine friendliness

This is how well your website ranks on the popular search engines and covers several criteria. The quality of your website’s copy (text), your website’s meta tags, where your website ranks for popular search terms and how your website’s pages appear in the search engine listings.


This is how easy your website is to use from a user point of view, does your navigation system make sense and work in different web browsers and can users easily find their way around your site (breadcrumb trails, sub-menus, sitemaps etc).


This is how well your website’s layout/colour scheme/images blend together and whether they portray a professional, modern image of your business. I will also look at your branding and how well your website works within your existing style.

To get your free website review please fill out the form on the right of this page and I will get back to you shortly with my findings (usually within 5 working days).

Once you receive my free review you’re welcome to use my website design service to have any work carried out if you wish. I also offer free web hosting for a year (normally charged at £60/year) for all new clients.