Graphic Design

If you look through my website portfolio you’ll notice that I like to use a lot of graphics in my designs. I always try and include graphics and images when working on a design because used in the correct way a single image can say more than paragraphs of text and easily convey a simple message.

If I’m designing your website for you and you’re struggling with images (which is quite a common problem) then I can help source relevant images from a variety of stock libraries and at an affordable cost. However I always recommend that client use ‘real’ photos and images of their business as it gives a more realistic feel to your customers and shows that you’re a real business.

I offer several different types of graphic design services, including:

  • Logo Design/Manipulation – Using your existing branding or creating a new branding scheme I can design a professional, modern looking logo for use on your website or printed promotional material.
  • Photography Manipulation – I can remove backgrounds from most photos or touch up any photos that have poor colour or contrast.
  • Website Templates – I can design a template for your website which you can then give to another website designer to build for you.
  • Sets of graphics/icons for a website
  • Digital photos of your business
  • Sourcing stock photos for your website