Website Design

Having a professional, modern looking website that is easy to use is vital no matter whether your business is a large corporate business or a small local shop. It directly reflects your business’s image and having no site at all is a cardinal sin that could put potential customers off from contacting you/buying your services/products.

A well designed, professionally branded website will attract visitors, be remembered, shared on social networks and could increase sales and your customer base.

As an experienced freelancer I can offer great value for money whilst keeping the quality of my work and level of service high. Not only can I design/redesign your business’s website but I can manage your website hosting and register domain names for you. I can also advise you about social media and how to attract more visitors to your website.

Website Projects

I’ve designed and developed a wide variety of websites over the years including:

  • Single page brochure websites for clients on small budgets.
  • Content management websites allowing clients to make changes to their website content through their web browser.
  • Ecommerce shops linked to a variety of payment gateways and packed with useful features.
  • Dynamic websites such as forums and online directories.

If you already have an existing website then I suggest using my website health check service which analyses your current site and point out possible areas of improvement. This is a free service that involves me looking at your site from the following angles:

  • Search engine friendliness – How well it ranks on the search engines and how search engine friendly the website content is.
  • Design and aesthetics – How modern and professional the design is.
  • Usability – How easy the site is to navigate and is the site structure logical and easy to follow.

If you wish to progress further I can look into redesigning your old website. This is something I think every business needs to look at every few years as design trends are always changing, so to make sure your site always looks modern it’s a good idea to take advantage of this service every few years. Think of it as an MOT for your website.