WordPress Websites

Do you want to be able to make updates in your own time to your own website even if you have no prior knowledge of html or web design?

If this is the case I can provide a solution for you. All you will need is a moder internet web browser such as Internet Explorer/Google Chrome/Firefox etc.

My chosen piece of content management software is WordPress because it’s easy to use, highly flexible and can be easily expanded to fit many needs. Over the years I’ve built pure Blog-based websites, ecommerce websites, online directories and standard brochure-style websites.

Using WordPress a website owner can perform a number of tasks including:

  • Upload text and images to pages and blog posts
  • Lay out text and images to your own specifications using a simple drag and drop systems
  • Create/delete/edit pages quickly and easily
  • Preview pages before publishing to the internet or save them as drafts to publish at a later date
  • Schedule blog/news posts to be posted at a future date
  • Add FAQ systems
  • Manage bulletin boards/forums
  • Create and manage multiple photo albums
  • Control your website’s meta tags information
  • Create interactive forms such as contact forms
  • Make new posts by sending emails to your website
  • Manage products, track orders and control stock levels

WordPress Training

I can also provide one-to-one WordPress training to help you understand how to manage and update your own WordPress website.

Previous WordPress Website Projects